Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Fabulous Cheese Omelette.

Sohini says she likes her cheese omelettes with big chunks of melted cheese oozing out of it, not the wimpy omelettes with a little grated cheese that smell of the flavour but don't taste of it. So this post is for her- the Fabulous Cheese Omelette, unashamedly revelling in its quantity of the filling!
The perfect breakfast for those who like it slightly rich and heavy. Though you could have it at any time of day. That's the wonder of an omelette.
*photo courtesy: Sohini*
P.S. - I didn't make this omelette. I'm guessing Sohini did. But woohoo for cheese - it can always save the day.


the soliloquist said...

Yeah, this is my omlette cheese, not cheese omlette. :)

storyteller said...

oh yum :( I can't eat even! sniff sniff

Magically Bored said...

@ The Soliloquist: Too rich for my taste, but what the heck. :P

@ Storyteller: Mwaha. No, really. I feel for you, I know what it's like. *hug*

Turtle said...

Hey, thanks for blogrolling me. That omelette looks deliriously amazing.

Priyanka said...

ooh, i like this blog. i like this blog lots.

but seriously, in another day and age i'd have chucked you into a lunatic asylum for all this alliteration. simmering seasoning gaaah

you20091001 said...