Sunday, January 24, 2010

Chowmein - The Healthy Way!

Most of the time, the Chowmein you eat outside is oily, perhaps even a little smelly, and especially if it's Gravy Chowmein - the gravy tends to leave a rather sour after-taste. (Of course, this depends on the restaurant and the situation.)
Home-made Chowmein, in my opinion, is the nicest. I like it the way Ma makes it, because there's practically no oil, the vegetables are just the ones I like (mushrooms and baby corn, yes please!) and well, it's basically this healthy, wholesome meal that has none of the greasiness of oil, yet much of the tinge of Ma'r haater ranna which works magic on any dish!
Here, the chowmein has been boiled separately, the vegetables tossed and sauteed, then added to a stock-based gravy, which was poured over the dish. Simply delectable!

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storyteller said...

chowmein incidentally is my mom's comfort food and mine as well.Love this post because I have not had very good chowmein in a long time,and I want some :|